Random Thoughts

In the Time of Crisis

Life never came to as at standstill as it is these days. It has increasingly been frustrating staying home and keep thinking and hearing about corona related chaos. Although I don’t blame media for being so noisy about it as it someway helps the purpose to spread the justified fear of corona. So media is doing its job and engaging people to stay at home and enjoy their 24 hours broadcast of same repetitive stuff. Medical manoeuvre is at full swing and its operators are truly the forefront warriors of this war. Government, as has always been the case, are handling back office operation with efficient negligence at beginning and when things get over the head they woke up and act like taking the lead.

In general, there are thousands of people responsible of taking us through this crisis, and most of them are now doing jobs realizing that how important their vigilance is to keep this human specie alive.

Now, for common people, are these days just be normal stay-at-home-holidays? Should they just see how things are evolving without being part of it? Should they give too much stress on work-from-home scenario? Should they keep on involving themselves in social media debate as whose virus they are fighting against?  Should they just have persistent crossed fingers for vaccine or antiviral medicines?

These fourteen days and, foreseeably, for many iterations of fourteen days ahead, we cannot afford to have millions of people staying home and be the burden on respective communities. We need to chalk out the way for them to be part of this human survival struggle. And I still believe, with our advance technological support, many can do that without taking a step outside homes. And if we make careful strategies, even working outside home is also possible with the kind of logistics we have at present.

Internet is the key and fortunately it is there for many if not for everybody. We need to make most of it by extending our support in whatever skillset we have. We still can learn, discuss, invent, implement and optimize while staying at home. All what is needed is mindset and an intend to do. With the help of technology in hand, we can still have our industries such as communication, education, services and power systems up and running. Apps from home can further be developed to engage community in constructive manner and also to track affected people’s contact more efficiently with the help of patient’s facial recognition system and mobile technologies to narrow down the radius of affected circle. We can also play a role of support staff remotely for medics and other integral areas, like research and development, support of record keeping, procurement and inventory managements, remote patients monitoring with the help of CCTVs, and hotlines etc.

Government and private companies can come up with careful 1/7 person per day strategy, for sectors where men power is more important.  While reiterating the fact that ‘Safety is absolute priority for everybody’, government can make it possible that in areas which are important for life supply to human, can be best served by at least 1 from 7 person team per day on rotation bases both in term of team member and facilities in operation. So that an individual gets a full weak at home to evaluate his health situation, not matter how much caution he had taken and to keep other at safe yards. Age is an important consideration while devising such strategy.

Agriculture and Manufacturing industries needs protocol overhauling. Although these sectors in most countries have safety protocol already in place, yet more caution is need of time. Aforementioned person in field formula might not be applicable due to mass men power requirements. Yet head count with multiple shifts can be thought out.  Safety kits and medical services at footsteps should be arranged (as suggested in proceeding paragraphs). Both these sectors are essentials to keep the situation in control as lagging behind can put law and order at greater risk.

Logistic are as important as human and needed to put on work in efficient manners. We can still use all sort of transportation to serve human purposefully. Like trains and buses can be mobile mini medical camp, markets or remote areas connectors. These along with mini transports can be used to bring patients to doctors and household supplies to homes. Airplanes can cut distances for these supplies where and when needed situations.

I may sound ridiculous with my proceeding argument, but I am compelled to suggest that exceptional brains of current era needs to be saved no matter what cost you have pay for it. We came to this era after hundreds of years of exploration and these brains can still be the bearers to lift us from scratch to what we are now and further guide us to new horizons. Most of people with such brilliant minds are aged hence more vulnerable to this virus. So we need to takes all measure like pooling them in separate decontaminated place, free of all hazards.

For some of us, its good time to have self-introspection. I am sure social media will bore you at some point of time and you will look for something out of routine. So It would be pleasant change to do some reading and evaluate self-made religious, regional and other thoughts. God may have pushed us back to look at other end of extreme.

All in all, main idea is to not keep ourselves idle for long or allow an individual to self-destruct. Anything can frustrate any individual to an extend where he or she is vulnerable of far-reaching antics. More importantly, every human and his every minute is important and we should learn to make the best of it even in the time of crisis such as this.

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