LTE DL/UL Throughput

5.  How can we calculate LTE DL/UL throughput?

Note: Please see tables in Q.1 and Q.3 for relevant info provided in below answer.

  • Lets’ assume we have 20 MHz channel bandwidth.
  • we need to calculate the resource elements in a subframe for this band i.e.

12subcarriers x 7 OFDMA symbols x 100 resource blocks x 2 slots= 16800 REs per subframe.

    • Assume we have 64 QAM modulation and no coding, one modulation symbol will carry 6 bits.

16800 modulation symbols x 6 bits / modulation symbol = 100800 bits.
So, the data rate is 100800 bits / 1 ms = 100.8 Mbps.

  • With 4×4 MIMO, the peak data rate goes up to 100.8 Mbps x 4 = 403 Mbps.
  • Estimate about 25% overhead e.g. PDCCH, reference signal, sync signals, PBCH, and some We get 403 Mbps x 0.75 = 302 Mbps.

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